We see another of these great audio-visual works with the Kinect as the primary tool for video effects and sound manipulation. The Kinect Lucid is an artistic use of the Kinect’s depth camera and the surreal ambiance of the video is largely credited to the use of the depth camera device. In this video by Youtube user , a video is projected with a surreal image. The user then manipulates certain geometric devices in order to manipulate the image and also the sound of the whole video. This enables users to create a melancholic video and sound presentation. This Kinect program adds another one to the Kinect Art’s portfolio of the different art-based Kinect hacks.

Here is a description by the developer:

“The interface works through kinect – a device for the game console xbox 360, and the visual coding software vvvv. The piece can be comprehended as a musical instrument which is an innovative combination of object control and work with the body. This is the first version that will evolve into a more complex performance.

The work originated from the impulse at kinect workshop in progressbar and it was displayed as an output of this workshop at the festival Multiplace 2011 in Bratislava. The pieces at the festival work as remakes and my installation works with the folloiwing: “Wojciech Bruszewski – The Music of BEhaviours” a “David Rokeby (1982) – Very Nervous System (1986-1990)”

For more information about the Kinect Lucid Presentation, visit the project’s Youtube page.

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