The Veltrobot is one of the very first Kinect-controlled robots shared with the community. Since humanoid robots are the perfect medium for Kinect hackers to test the body tracking capability of the Kinect, developers have been using various experiments on different kinds of these mechanized structures. The primary perk of the Veltrobot is its ability to stream live footage from its mounted camera. The Kinect gives users an ample platform to control the humanoid robots, syncing the robot’s limbs with the user’s. The Veltrobot, since being one of the pioneers of the Kinect-controlled robots, still has some variable errors but it introduces the teleoperation possibility in controlling robots. This development has paved the way of the recent robot hacks we have seen that use the Kinect.

This video by Youtube userĀ  shows the Kinect Veltrobot’s early progress in showing how the Kinect can be used to control robots. We salute one of the first robots to don the Kinect as viable controller but we also expect more Kinect robots (and even commercialized ones) in the future.

For more information about the Kinect Teleoperation Robot, visit the developer’s website.

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