Not just one, but now, you can call and talk to one full room with this spectacular communication Kinect hack! The Kinect Real-Time Room Telepresence is yet another step towards distant communication solutions geared to help mankind. This video by Andrew Maimone showcases the scope of the program and how video conferencing just got bigger for everyone. In the video, the user is able to see and talk to the people inside the room via an interactive 3D display. When the user moves, the video follows, adjusting itself in real-time to improve visual communication. The Kinect makes that possible by having depth detecting feature, allowing 3d video capture. The setup looks a bit complicated but we have no doubts that as soon as the tech for this is finalized, teleconferencing at that size should start becoming mainstream! Why talk to one when you can talk to everyone in the room!

For more information about the Kinect Real-Time Room Telepresence, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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  1. This is amazing — if only there were more guides on how to employ similar things though. Understanding their method is great, but it doesn’t help with replicating it, 😛


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