It’s surprising that a gaming device such as the Kinect has managed to find some amazing uses in the health sector. People are doing some really awesome things that are helping doctors monitor and treat illnesses in better and more effective ways. Today’s feature is one such example and stems from the creators’ desire to create something that will “add value to the Healthcare market.” The app uses the Kinect’s ability to track motion in 3D to allow doctors to better monitor patients and give them more data for analysis:

“In this demonstration, the patient is offered a simple, convenient healthcare experience using Kinect. Where before, a patient would have to make an appointment to see a doctor, a patient can now go into a clinic and, with the help of a nurse, be ¬†instantly connected with a doctor from anywhere on the globe. Patients also gain access to specialists near or far, just as if they were visiting the doctor’s office.

“Simultaneously, the doctor experiences new levels of productivity and precision. This system allows doctors to meet with more patients every day in a remote setting without compromising on the quality of an in-person visit. And just as though the doctor were there in person, various pieces of equipment (ex. Microsoft Kinect) can be remotely controlled by the doctor to collect data, run analysis, and communicate instructions.”

After viewing the video, you can check out more details on their website. We’ve included a handy-dandy link for you below.


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