We get another great hack that guarantees smoother and easier presentations! The Kinect KineSis controls the major Office programs in order to achieve a touch-less NUI for the corporate world. This video by Sandu Albu displays the intricate details as well as the achieved output of the KineSis and the benefits it can give to anyone who wants a more compelling presentation. In the video, the user demonstrates the motion capture and skeletal tracking of the Kinect with the KineSis. Certain gestures activate various features in the office program, be it animation, slide progression or point enhancement. Users then who want to enhance their presentation can use the KineSis to drive their point towards their target audience. What’s more, the Kinect enables a next-generation method of touch-less presentation which certainly adds points to convenience and image. Now, your audience or the board of directors will all be on the same page thanks to the entertainment and clarity provided by the Kinect and KineSis.

For more information about the Kinect KineSis, visit the project’s website.

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