IpiSoft has done it again by creating this intuitive setup which allows fully rotatable image and video capture! The Kinect iPiSoft and 2 Cameras is the solution to the need for a complete and customized 3d experience. This video by¬†Joseph McPeek displays the setup and software at work. In the video, the video captured of a person dancing and moving is seen. The video then begins to pan around, showing that, without any missing data, the person’s movement is captured in a fully rotatable video. Users then need not adopt the multiple camera setup used in “The Matrix” when they can just have 2 Kinect cameras and iPiSoft to guide them. Now you can create those bullet time special effects with the Kinect iPiSoft setup!

For more information about the Kinect iPiSoft and 2 Cameras, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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