Just when you thought it can’t get any better with the Kinect, members of the SuperTouch group, a technology company with which merges state-of-the-art technology with creative ideas, ┬áhave made it possible to integrate the iPhone and the iPad. ┬áThis provides a multi-dimensional way of entertainment as a group can use the Kinect simultaneously with the two apple gadgets. In the video released in SuperTouch’s youtube account, the game Dodgeball is being played by 3 users. The first user is using the Kinect and body movements to avoid incoming Dodgeballs thrown by 2 apple users who are using the gadgets to aim and throw.

This excerpt from the SuperTouch’s youtube account better details the technology behind this project:

“The cube is what controls which demo is currently on screen. It uses and accelerometer to detect what side is up. Each side of the cube is labeled with a different Kinect demo. There is also an Xbee and an Arduino wirelessly sending serial to the host computer. Processing takes the serial and converts it to OSC (Open Sound Control) for Unity3d to work with.”

For more information about SuperTouch, visit their website. The code is not available for the public and it is not know if SuperTouch itself will commercialized the technology, but as soon as new information is received, expect to see it here at KinectHacks.com


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