Experience a whole new 3d world at your every step! The Kinect iBeamer for Interactive 3D Image Viewer exploits the head tracking of the Kinect to display an interactive 3d view on the feet of the user. This video by buZz showcases the iBeamer’s ability to immerse its users into a captivating experience. In the video, the user is seen standing and viewing a projected display at the bottom of his feet. With the head tracking, the 2d image adjusts based on the user’s head position. This then gives the illusion that the image projected at the feet of the user is 3d. The position of the image then gives the user a sense of being in a different place and in this case, a deadly dungeon. Imagine standing at the center of the galaxy, in different parts of the world! Be in different places with the Kinect!

For more information about the Kinect iBeamer for Interactive 3d Image Viewer, visit the project’s website.

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