It is a give, it is fun to play Tetris. But it is when you control the games with KungFu moves that the game starts to become increasingly interesting (and physically motivating). The Kinect KungFu Tetris is a derivation of the popular puzzle game with physical movement control as its primary highlight. This video by Lanny Lin displays the game at work and the Kinect’s skeleton tracking that makes the game possible to play. In the video, the user is seen demonstrating martial arts moves such as kicks. The kicks are actually the essential controls that the user must utilize in order to properly play Tetris. Front kicks rotate the puzzle pieces while side kicks changes the direction of the blocks. Jumping up and down will speed the descent of the tetris blocks. This method of playing the classic game will surely entice fitness buffs who want to enjoy their game but at the same time, want to remain fit.

For more information about the Kinect KungFu Tetris Game, visit the project’s website.

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