Ever wanted to play the classic pong-bricks game but with an interactive twist? Look no further as Youtube user  showcases the Kinect Arcanoid, a larger-scale, gesture based pong-bricks game. Using hand gestures and body inclination, the user is able to move and rotate the base wall, allowing an interactive control platform. This is not only for show as the game’s new controls allow users better control of the ball and also perform moves not seen in the classic game. This development adds a new variety in the genre of Kinect-revived classic games. Not only does the Kinect give a new way to manipulate and play the game, but it also introduces new features never before used under normal circumstances. The Arcanoid is a testament to the creativity of the community in adding new mechanics based on the Kinect’s body tracking feature.

For more information about the Kinect Arcanoid, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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