Create worlds and music through your movements c/o the Kinect! The Kinect Dance 2 Music is gesture-based game that promotes dance creativity, interaction and rewards the users with celestial worldly visuals. This video by Evaldas Jablonskis displays this great Kinect custom-built game and how home developers are really revving it up. In the video, various users try out the game but standing in front of the Kinect. A template world is given to the user and a simple sound. Every gesture of the user summons new visual effects as well as a change in music and added tunes. This results to a game of pure aesthetic pleasure; an interactive game that will delight users of all ages.

For more information about the Kinect Dance 2 Music, visit the project’s Youtube Page. You can also vote for Dance 2 Music in the ASUS Contest by clicking here.

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