We know of the concept of having robot surrogates to act as avatars in real life. Now, that possibility is slowly becoming real as the Kinect Android Robot gives users control over an  robotic skeleton with the addition of having voice and visual privileges available. This video by  showcases the Kinect and Wiimote’s use for giving users a solid avatar to which people can interact and to which the user can send vocal commands and view them visually. In the video, the user controls the robotic android using gesture commands. The android  then replicates the actions of the user. Voice and visual I/O can also be made through the headset and webcam from the user’s side. This means that wherever the avatar is, the user can view what the avatar is seeing. Are we going to see these creations replace us in the future?

Here is a description by the developer:

“I use a Wiimote and Nunchuck to control his other movements: Jaw, head, torso pivot, wrists, fingers, claw, and lens color. This was done by using GlovePie to write button output data to a file, which Mango’s master program references.

Off camera, I’m wearing a headset and running my voice through MorphVOX Pro to create Mango’s voice. (Unlike GlovePie and OpenNI, this software was not free)

The end result is that by viewing the audience through the webcam built into Mango’s right eye socket, I can position myself in an adjacent room hidden from an audience, and interact live with that audience through Mango.”

For more information about the Kinect Android Robot Manipulation.

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