The building blocks of a fully-functional virtual environment continues to pour in. This recent Kinect program, the Virtual Curtain Effect, gives us a preview of the future of virtual life. This video contribution by Ferhat Sen exhibits how he uses the Kinect to create an interactive virtual item (this case, a curtain). Using the MacOS X, OpenKinect Library and Processing, Ferhat created a realistic digital replica of a curtain, exhibiting the behavior like that of the real thing. In this video release, you can see the user interacting with the curtain using the Kinect and his physical movements. The curtain adjusts accordingly with digital physics, creating the illusion that a real curtain exists. This is indeed one puzzle to the bigger picture which is a fully interactive virtual environment that users can use. If the Kinect can make interactivity possible, then imagine the worlds that developers can create and users can use.

For more information about the Open the Curtain project, visit the developer’s Vimeo account or download the code here.

Download Code
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