The latest corporate application of the Kinect comes from this famous Seattle fashion boutique. Nordstrom recently showcased this spectacular interactive window which give users the ability to create light-based graffiti on the shop’s display window. This additional interactive feature entices customers and passers-by to stop and test out the feature. This in turn creates traffic for the store, effectively advertising their clothing line. The Kinect detects the user’s hand movements. In turn, the Kinect displays through a projector, a light-based brush stroke of the said movement. Users can virtually write on the wall of the Nordstrom. This is not the first commercial use of the Kinect. As a matter of fact, more and more companies are adapting the Kinect as a viable tool for commercial projects. With users being more immersed to anything interactive, the Kinect is the vanguard item for these corporations.

Here is a description of Nordstrom’s Interactive Window Display:

“Our brilliant Interactive Development, Visual Merchandising and Operations Teams put their heads together and brought light writing with light to life. With the help of Kinect’s infrared technology and their technical genius, our teams created a seamlessly interactive display that anyone can “paint” on with using just the motion of their hands in front of the glass.”

For more information about the Nordstrom’s Interactive Window, visit the project’s webpage.

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