Lego MindStorms allow not only children, but also fun-loving adults to play with their favorite building blocks and also animate them through the use of existing MindStorm template engines. The Kinect community, seeing the potential of Lego MindStorms and the Kinect, decided to construct a hack and finally made this gesture-based command platform in controlling Lego MindStorms. Hand gestures can now serve as the controller for the directions and movement of Lego MindStorms. Adults and kids alike would be excited to know that through the Kinect, they can make their favorite constructs move with hand gestures.

This video by shows the Kinect LegoMindstorm being controlled by user using only their hand gestures, with the use of Kinect.

Here is a description of the project by the developer:

“The two independent motors are controlled by my arms, as if I was handling two levers (as seen in some escavators and in tanks).

Implemented with some C/C++ code, using open libraries to acquire Kinect input (National Instruments’ OpenNI + OpenKinect), for body tracking (by PrimeSense) and for controlling the LEGO MindStorms NXT kit (again, National Instruments’ OpenNI + Fantom).”

For more information about the Kinect Lego MindStorms, visit the project’s website.

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