What is an AdverGame? It seems to be a portmanteau of Advertisement + Game and if you took the time to watch the video above, you’ll know that it’s a game that uses the Kinect and promotes some sort of kiddie cereal.

Again, let’s not forget that the Kinect was developed to be a gaming device. And while it’s great to know that it’s seeing some use as something that can solve real world problems, hacks that allow people that have fun with it are always great to see as well.

Today’s hack is from Chile and the developers say that it is the first in their country to use this type of system. It’s an “adventure” that allows users to participate with nothing more than the motion of their hands.

I don’t know about you but wouldn’t it be cool if someone went and did something like this but with a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book? If anyone decides to take that as a challenge and comes up with one, be sure to share it with your fellow KinectHackers!


  1. Hi, nice to see this posted here!
    We (me and my job partners) developed this “advergame”.
    It was about a year ago that we did it.
    Just for the record, it was done using openFrameworks + openNI.
    The game itself was very simple (as our client requested) in which the player had to throw some “little stars” projectiles (the cereal was nestle’s estrellitas, spanish for little stars) to a space junk clogged rocket that was unable to launch. The projectiles were thrown according to the way in which the player threw them, like throwing a real thing, real physics.
    If the player would win if he was able to set the rocket free to launch withing the given time, something like 40 seconds.

    There are a few other kinect related projects we have that hopefully will get done. We’ll let you know.



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