You can now draw 3d images with accuracy thanks to the Kinect’s finger tracking feature! The Kinect 3d Finger Painting is the latest and the most accurate 3d drawing apparatus we’ve seen to date. This video by¬† displays how they have made a program that features finger detection in 3d ¬†drawing. In the video, the user is seen calibrating the software and displaying the finger tracking at work. The user then can commence drawing illustrations which can also be viewed in 3d. Start creating your own 3d figures with the Kinect 3d Finger Painting!

Here is a description by the developer:

“This program was the outcome of our work with the Kinect while writing our Bachelor Project.

We used OpenCV to create our finger detection algorithm. The hands are located using a mix of depth segmentation and skin detection, and we find the fingers using the convex hull along with a few other hacks.

The whole thing was done using the unofficial OpenNI Kinect drivers.”

For more information about the Kinect 3d Finger Painting, visit the project’s Youtube Page.



  1. Hey there. I’m one of the developers behind this and I just wanted to make a correction. The finger tracking algorithm was actually developed entirely by us. No Kinect features was used (besides depth extraction).


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