Hey KinectHackers! Adriano from New York is asking for help in spreading his project called Body Instrument: ARMS alone. For readers out there who enjoy Kinect-powered music, this is a treat for you.

Here’s a description of the project and how he was able to put it together straight from Adriano:

“This is achieved with a 3D sensor (Kinect) able to map the joints of a human body, then tracking their movements which are translated to musical impulses.

“My art project is based on the idea of the body itself as the ultimate instrument of expression and communication, without the use of any other objects to hold, wear or touch. Interacting directly with a virtual sound-space, the essence of the expression is contained in the movement.

“The person performing is the composer, the music player, the instrument and even the orchestra.

“The possibilities of this new “instrument” are limited only by ones imagination.”

Intrigued? Be sure to head on over to his website to learn more. Just click the link we’ve provided below!


Visit Project Website


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