Do you think that the Kinect games out there just don’t give you the kind of feel you’re expecting from a football-striking or goalkeeping game? Today, we’ve got a treat for all football (soccer, for all the Yanks reading this right now) fans out there that ar elooking for something that will make them feel they’re playing in a game straight out of the European leagues. Today’s Kinect hack is a gesture-based outdoor game that features EURO 2012.

The developer Lemon and Orange says that they are in “the testing phase of an exceptional project prepared for the European Football Championships.” They are promising two versions of the game — one from the goalkeeper’s perspective and another from the striker. These two versions will also allow football fans to play simultaneously over a server or shoulder to shoulder.

Here are the details from the website:

  • may be installed in shop windows or on mobile screens
  • a fully gesture-based game with an intuitive interface, tuned to player’s movements
  • great entertainment for football fans: in fan zones, shopping centers, outside or inside the store
  • ready scenarios for continuing the game on mobile devices (via QR code) or internet portals (e.g. facebook)
  • ability to gather information on campaign effectiveness (integrated touch screen for players to leave their e-mail addresses)

If interested in learning more, please check out Lemon and Orange’s website using the link below.


Visit Project Website


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