I’ve got great news for you guys – it’s just 270++ days until Christmas! And if you want to make your Christmas extra awesome this year, here’s a great idea from the guys over at Moonshot – an interactive Christmas display!

Last Christmas, to help the office feel a little more ‘Christmasy,’ the guys at Moonshot put together an interactive display by combining your regular Christmas lights and displays with a Kinect and an Arduino. The Kinect reads the subject’s movements and the display reacts depending on what you do; individual sections of the display light up when you point at them. But if you do ‘snow angel’ motions, the entire thing lights up!

It’s a simple idea really that puts a neat twist on your regular Christmas set-ups. And what’s more, it is another example of the many creative things you can do with the Kinect. The display was successful in making the Moonshot offices more festive and the fun the kids seem to be having with the display seems to make the work the gut put in definitely worth it. Be sure to check out their website as well by clicking on the link below to know what other ideas the guys at Moonshot are working on.

With next Christmas just a couple of months away (9 to be exact) and with other occasions coming up in between, you have enough time to work on something with your Kinect that will put smiles on people’s faces. Just make sure to share what amazing ideas you come up with your fellow KinectHackers!

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