One thing that’s really awesome about the Kinect is that it could potentially open doors to virtual reality. Imagine being able to experience things without actually having to be there? It’s a potentially revolutionary idea that, if handled correctly, could be a regular fixture in our lives. And while most people may have their head in the stars when it comes to virtual reality applications, it may have some practical uses that will probably be picked up first to test out the technology’s viability.

So what kind of practical uses are we talking about? Well let’s start with real-estate. Today our featured hack is about a Kinect-powered visual presentation that allows users to tour a house without having to be physically there. Here are the details from the developer:

“This is our first interactive installation with our audio visual group Post Illusions. Our aim and challenge in this project was to create a first person interactive experience using Kinect and Unity 3D. The user is able to walk around a house, garden and paint objects from a color catalogue interface. We considered if the current motion tracking technology can provide a swift working end user experience for daily usage outside of gaming realm.

“The hardware we used are basically a Kinect, a Macbook and a videowall. ¬†OpenNI drivers, Primesense NITE, ZigFu, Unity 3d and Cinema 4d for texture baking and modeling are on the software end. Smoothing provided by OpenNI drivers was not sufficient forfluid camera movement. Motion tracking noise is reduced using smooth follow function of Unity 3D tracking the torso of the skeleton from zero distance instead.”

It’s really an interesting use of thekind of virtual reality that the Kinect can make possible. It could save people the hassle of having to travel between locations when checking out properties and just do it from the comfort of their home.

Interested? Be sure to check out the developer’s website for more details.


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