With its 3D tracking and rendering capabilities, people looking for a cheap way to reconstruct 3D models have turned to the Kinect. Today’s featured hack makes creating 3D models of any space much more simpler. Here’s gist of the program straight from the developer himself:

I am a robotics researcher and I’ve built¬†www.kinectathome.com¬†with the help of my lab mates. It’s a website that lets users to model in 3D whatever they want, and visualize it right in the browser, share to their friends, family. You can embed 3D models in your own webpage like a Youtube clip.

It is aimed at improving robotics research by running our mapping algorithms on user videos.

To see the tool in action and the many models that other users have already uploaded, be sure to check out the project link below.


Visit Project Website


  1. Hey,
    I would like to know how did u use colour image data and depth image data to reconstruct 3D.
    Quick Reply will be appreciated


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