We previously featured the user-made feature of finger detection for the Kinect. Now it has been made available for the use and test of all. Patricio Gonzales Vivo released the Finger Tracking code for the Kinect. This enables Kinect users to expand the array of programs and features they can freely add and share to the community. Especially for programs that use natural user interfaces, KinectCoreVision’s finger tracking adds precision to the commands as well as a variety of new commands that can be added. At first, it was only the skeletal framework that was detected by the Kinect. Contributions by the different members of the Kinect community, especially that of Patricio Gonzalez Vivo has given users more options for their programs.

For more information about the KinectCoreVision Finger Tracking, visit the developer’s website or download the code here.

Download Code Visit Website

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