This is one magnificent Kinect program that make use of a drawing machine to create an interactive, gesture-based drawing setup. With the Kinect capturing the movements of the user, the machine responds accordingly by moving to specified points indicated by the user’s hands. This video by Vimeo Paul Ferragut showcases his Kinect experiment on creating a sketching setup which invites gesture-based application. In the video, the user is seen using the machine to sketch a project. The difference though is that the user has the Kinect to trace his movements. In turn, the machine moves based on the user’s gestures, thus giving a remote NUI to guide the machine. A very spectacular Kinect program, the Drawing Machine with the Kinect further expands the ability of artists, architects and designers in finding an alternative way to create and work. With a more refined setting and more accurate controls, this will definitely be the next level for artistic creations.

The setup was creating using openFrameworks, arduino, openNI2TUIO by Patricio Gonzalez Vivo, ofxKinect and firmata.

For more information about the Drawing Machine with the Kinect, visit the project’s website.

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