Do you ┬áremember the good old comic strip days wherein the action effects relied on big, bold and colorful texts? Or how about when emphasis on emotions used dazzling shapes? As of today, users may now create their own comic strip scenario videos with the help of Kinect. Developers (Maya Irvine, Emily Schwartzman, Ward Penney and Mark Shuster) from Carnegie Mellon University created this program for their Interactive Art and Computational Design project. In this video they released, they demonstrated how the Kinect and their program and give the users the ability to act in their own comic strip-inspired videos. Punches and kicks would register as action sequences and the Kinect would recognize these actions and add the necessary “comic-strip” effect. Another feature of the program is to render the video in a stylized and graphic novel-like look in order to add appeal.

The program was made using the following programs and kits: openFrameworks, ofxOpenKinect, ofxOpenNI and the ofxOpenCV. The developers stated that the movies A Scanner Darkly and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World were their inspirations for making the project. The developers are still working on a few more developments but once the code is out, expect to see it at

Fore more information about the project, visit the Project’s Website.

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