When spectacular and dazzling lights reflect your movements, then we’re in for some awesome Kinect light show display. The foundations of which have already been established by Youtube userĀ  as this video showcases how the LED Christmas lights were programmed to respond to the user’s movements using the Kinect. Hand gestures dictate the flow of lights and the smoother the gestures are the more fluid the light show becomes. This is a great Kinect hack program as it further enforces the probability of having a gesture-based light control platform. This is especially useful for light show enthusiasts who use the craft to create spectacular art for audience members to appreciate. Let’s hope to see more of these developments as the Kinect community gains ground in this field of development. Maybe we’ll see more of these Kinect-controlled Christmas lights come the holidays.

Here is a brief description of the Christmas Lights with Kinect Control:

“This uses OpenKinect with the python bindings to talk to light dimming hardware via E1.31/DMX via the OLA libraries from opendmx.net. I have a custom python library that handles the dimming etc.”

For more information about the Kinect Controlled Christmas lights, visit the project’s Youtube page.

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