We’ve seen the Kinect make the jump from gaming device to one with real world applications. Eager developers have managed to turn the Kinect into a tool that can be used in healthcare, advertising, education and many more areas. Recently, we’re also seeing a rise in the integration of the Kinect in various arts and performances. Today’s featured hack is called “Cauldren” and is one such example of a Kinect-driven performance.

The project was conceptualized by Thomas Williams. His goal was to “experiment gesturally manipulated sounds and visuals using the Xbox 360 Kinect.” It utilizes Pure Data which converts joint position data sent by Synapse into MIDI.  Williams foresees potential for interactive installations “as the outcome can vary depending on the player.”

It’s definitely an interesting project and one that’s bound to get people thinking more about the Kinect’s potential applications in music and dance.





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