The Kinect has gained another practical and innovative use and this time it provides users with an Automated Home Lighting Control. Adjusting the settings of your home lights based on your location, this excellent Kinect-based program gives users the freedom of movement and energy-saving means. In this video release by , the lights go off as soon as the user exits, it dims the lights if the user sits at the couch to give a “theater-like” experience and it also detects the position of the user inside the house, turning off the lights in rooms or places that human presence is not felt. This is made possible by connecting via USB, the Kinect to the primary automation controller of the house.

Here is a more detailed description of the project:

“The Kinect sensor is placed in the corner to have as wide a view as possible.  A libfreenect-based application on the automation system monitors my location in the room, using a set of simple rules to determine what action to take based on where I am.  For example, the system can turn the lights on and off as I move around my apartment, impressing friends and saving electricity.

When I’m sitting at my desk, only the lights by my desk remain lit.  When I move around the room, all the lights are lit so I can easily see where I am going.  The lights automatically dim if I sit down for a movie and turn back on if I stand up to grab a snack.  Finally, the lights automatically turn on when I enter my apartment and turn off when I leave.”

For more information about the Automated Home Lighting Control, visit the developer’s website.

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