Costly plane tickets, enormous hotel fees, and all your left with is an abundance of photos to share as a memory. But what if you could enjoy the “memories” and photos, without spending a dime on airfare, or hotels? With the Activate3D Virtual Vacation application, you can be in the middle of New York traffic, or underwater with the fish, in less than a minute, with no money or time spent in traveling! Take a snapshot of yourself on the moon, or in a jail cell, and upload them right away to your Facebook to share instantly with friends. Or you can save them and get a good laugh with family later! All this made possible by the OpenNI and NITE software, already packaged with the download, making setup easy! Whatever the reason, the Activate3D Virtual Vacation application is bound to make you laugh and create memories with your friends and family, all in the comfort of your living room.

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