Holidays are always the perfect excuse to get plastered. And while we don’t have any Christmas-themed KinectHacks for you today, we do have one that features Absolut vodka, a great companion for a chilly December night and one drink that’s sure to liven up any party.

While the Kinect hack itself doesn’t feature anyone getting wasted, it’s still an interesting concept and very imaginative use of the Kinect to promote the product. Here’s a quick background of the project from the developers:

“We were invited by Absolut, alongside few other Bulgarian artists, to participate into their Absolut Blank campaign. The idea was simple, we could do anything we want, as long as we use a blank white canvas in the form of the Absolut bottle as a foundation. So we went with an interactive installation, where people could express and transform themselves through their body movements, using the Absolut bottle as digital ‘mirror.'”

After checking out the video, don’t you feel like partying with a bottle of vodka in hand? Happy Holidays, everyone!

Check out more of the developer’s projects using the link below.


Visit Project Website


  1. Евала,момчета,достойно българско присъствие в кинектхакс! Salute!


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