A 2d television set can now look like as if it is a gateway or window to another world as the Kinect pushes the Head Tracking 3D concept to interesting levels. We’ve seen how, through motion-sensing and image adjustment, a flat picture can appear in 3-dimensional form. This video release by exemplifies how the Kinect’s motion and depth tracking technology can help developers create 3-d images on a flat 2d screen. In the video, you can see the different colored boxes as well as the logo provided in a seemingly 3d format. This is made possible by the Kinect’s tracking of the observer, sending the position of the user to the computer. The computer in turn adjusts the image, showing off a striking and believable 3d image to the user. Moreover, we can see in the video that through hand gestures, certain images can be adjusted. This development gives users not only breakthroughs in 3d technology but also in interactive 3d images. If developers can create boxes and logos, what is stopping them from creating scenarios and environments. Your TV set can do more than just be a virtual aquarium.

The images were rendered with OpenGL and the software used was MacOS X.

For more information about the Kinect Head Tracking, visit the Youtube Page of the developer.

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